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Hello and welcome 🤗

I’m Yishai Zehavi, a full-stack web developer, content writer, and avid board gamer.

For the past 7 years I've worked as a software developer both in the military and in the high-tech industry. Recently, I found that I'm enjoying writing about programming and coding more than any other aspect of software development. That's why I decided to pursue the path of a writer. Currently, I'm writing a post series about HTTP caching (published in dev.to). I have lots of other topics I want to research and write about, and I hope to keep pursuing this path.

I’m not usually taking selfies, but I was able to find a recent selfie I took:

Selfie of Yishai Zehavi

You can find today mostly on dev.to, but on other platforms as well:

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  • Stackoverflow
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